The ADS XL Spectra 104 is a 3U, four-channel industrial power amplifier for distributed power applications. It is capable of delivering 240 watts RMS output per channel at 4ohms but can also run at 70 or 100 volts thanks to the high performance internal torodial matching transformers.

Amplifier provides the power to an extremely versatile 4zone 8 input audio system. It is the complete solution for multi functional venues, with the ability to accpect an array of input sources such as CD, Video, Satellite etc.

  • 4 separate amplifiers into one chassis
  • The rack-mountable amplifier in 3U
  • Rated power 240W per channel
  • 70V, 100V, and 4-16ohm speaker outputs for each channel by Phoneix types
  • Balanced XLR line input for each channel
  • Overheat, overload, clip & short circuit protection
  • LED indicators for power, signal, peak, and protection
  • Excellent Cooling fans ensure the amp works effectively