1080P Video Conferencing Endpoint | Local and Remote Recording & Broadcasting

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1080P Video Conferencing Endpoint
1080P / Rich Interfaces / Open API

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• Terminal size: 348mm x 148mm x 37mm
• Package size: 413mm x 332mm x 130mm


• Net weight: 1.4Kg; • Gross weight: 2.2Kg

Power Supply

• Operating voltage:AC 100V ~ 240V, DC 12V
• Operating frequency:50Hz/60Hz
• Max. power consumption:20W

Environmental Requirement

• Temperature: 0° C ~ 40° C (operating state),-40° C ~ 70° C (non-operating state)
• Relative humidity: 10% ~ 80% (operating state), 0% ~ 95% (non-operating state)
• Ambient noise: < 46 dBA SPL
• Min. illuminance: 5 lux
• Recommended illuminance: > 300 lux

Certification & Standard

China Telecom Network Access, CCC,

  • Standard Protocol, Convergence, and Interoperability
    Standard SIP and H.323 protocols supported; compatible with the industry's mainstream standard terminals and networked devices.
  • Embedded DSP Solution
    Embedded DSP hardware solution offers high efficiency and low latency.
  • Multiple Microphone Connection
    Various audio inputs such as digital microphones, USB microphones, and analog microphones are supported to suit different conference scenarios and meet more audio requirements.
  • Low Bandwidth, and High Definition
    The latest H.264 HP coding standard supported; 50% less bandwidth than the previous-generation compression standard.
  • 1080P Full-HD
    1080P full HD supported; multiple (HDMI + DVI-I: HDMI and VGA) HD video inputs and 2 x HDMI OUT is supported.
  • Excellent Network Security
    H.460 firewall traversal supported to guarantee the secure connection of public and private networks. H.235 and SRTP protocols and the encryption algorithms such as AES-128 are
    supported for an all-around guarantee of communication security.
  • Fully Open API
    Fully open API supports the development of third-party applications and is easy for secondary development by customers to meet their customization requirements.
  • Built-in MCU (Optional)
    Built-in MCU (optional) support up to 1+3 terminal HD video conferencing, ideal for small- and medium-sized enterprises that require low cost and simple maintenance of video
  • Interactive Teaching Tracking
    Terminals + tracking cameras are arranged for the automatic switching of teacher's images (close-up, panoramic) and students' images (close-up, panoramic) to have smooth natural interaction.
  • Simultaneous Bilingual Audio Signals Supported
    Simultaneous bilingual audio signals are supported; This terminal support simultaneous input /output of voice in two different languages and the flexible mixing and coded the output of voice in two different languages.
  • Infrared Passthrough
    IR signals can be received via serial ports for the terminals; for the operation of cameras of designated models, the IR control signals are received through the cameras; all conference terminals can be controlled even if the device is hidden.
  • Local and Remote Recording & Broadcasting
    Remote recording and broadcasting are supported; conference recording and broadcasting is realized with only one PC. USB flash disks can be used to record and keep conference minutes confidential.
  • Superior Anti-Packet Loss Zapability
    The proprietary FEC technology could be activated in the event of severe network packet loss; the loss of less than 20% of packets has no effect on the system, and conferences can still go on even if 30% of packets are lost.
  • RTMP Push & Pull and RTSP Pull Streaming
    The device supports RTMP push streaming to the live broadcast platform for live broadcasting of conferences. RTSP pull streaming can be realized through web cameras.
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