Integrated Service Request System

Integrated Service Request System

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Single Platform for Easy work Order Processing

Make it easy for employees to report issues and streamline work order request submissions to quickly resolve maintenance issues.


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vms feature icon In-app Service Request Feature Solve your workplace facility issues quickly with ease. vms feature icon

Centralized Dashboard Control

Learn from past data to take predictive measures, and to communicate reports and metrics across the organization.
vms feature icon Secured Approval or Validation Approve or reject a service request with contactless details. vms feature icon Vendor Web Portal A centralized dashboard that allows users from different sites to access and deliver service requests instantaneously.


From A Paperwork Order System to A Digital One

Help employees report facility issues to the correct people without wasting even a minute.

  • Capture Important Details
  • With an easy and straightforward mobile form, employees can include details about the issue and attach a picture of the problem to reduce back-and-forth conversation.

  • Automate Maintenance Process
  • FMs can quickly and easily assign a work order to an in-house technician or a 3rd party vendor.

  • Keep Everyone Updated on The Work Order
  • Technicians can post updates and view the work order status in one central location.

  • Get Notified
  • Everyone assigned to a work order receives notifications when a request has been updated, responded to, or resolved.