Visitor Management System

Visitor Management System

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Register, screen, and track visitors with a simple visitor management system to keep your workplace safe while providing a world-class visitor experience.


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vms feature icon123 Digital Document Signing Require visitors to sign NDAs, and short forms prior to the appointment vms feature icon

Site Geo-Fencing

Get visibility on where a visitor is located
vms feature icon Visitor Screening Carefully determine if a visitor is from a third-party watch list vms feature icon Group Invitation Allows a single entry sign-in for multiple guests
vms feature icon Secured QR Code Easy sign-in process for unscheduled visitors vms feature icon Host Notification Notify an employee when their visitor arrived
vms feature icon Analytics And Reporting Get a bird’s eye view on visitor patterns and hosting behavior vms feature icon Delivery Notification Notify a receiver once a package arrived
vms feature icon Visitor Pass Customized badges for hassle-free access to different areas



Seamless and Simplified Hosting of Visitors

Create a positive visitor experience without disrupting work and compromising everyone's safety.

  • Easy Pre-registration of Guests
  • Send a short registration form, and privacy agreements to visitors and VIPs prior to their appointment to eliminate the hassle of paper sign-in.

  • Fast and Organized Check-In
  • Speed up visitor check-in process with a simple and fast contactless sign-in process that securely captures photo and print customized visitor pass.

  • Host Notifications
  • Instantly notify the host once their guest arrives and checks in to facilitate seamless communication between front desk employees and other staff.

  • Dashboard at a Glance
  • Get real-time visibility on who's in the company premises, visitor information, and track their activity from pre-registration until the end of their visit.